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NCLR Friebe Legacy Circle

When life-long lesbian activist Mary Kathryn Friebe died of cancer at the age of 81 in 2002, she continued her major donor-level commitment to NCLR by making a very generous bequest to our organization. In her memory, we established the Friebe Legacy Circle, designed to honor and recognize individuals who confirm their dedication to LGBT rights by including NCLR in their estate plans. These individuals have named NCLR as a beneficiary of their wills, trusts, life income gifts, insurance policies, or retirement plans. We are most grateful for their exceptional support.

Membership Benefits
Besides knowing your inheritance will help to shape the future for LGBT civil rights, when you become a member of the Friebe Legacy Circle, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition of your name on our donor wall and in our Annual Report, unless you prefer to remain anonymous
  • Mailings of NCLR semi-annual newsletters and our Annual Report
  • A special invitation to our Legacy Society reception with Executive Director Kate Kendell and NCLR staff members
  • Invitations to other NCLR events throughout the country

How do I join?
When you have included NCLR in your estate plans, please notify NCLR of your plans by filling out this form and returning it to us.

Who was Kathryn Friebe?
Mary Kathryn Friebe was born in 1920 to a poor, Roman Catholic family in St. Cloud, Minnesota. A self-made woman, she remained financially frugal in her personal life so that she could give lavishly to the causes about which she cared. She supported a spectrum of organizations, large and small, local and national, concerned with fighting for LGBT people, young people, elders, veterans, the environment, endangered species, reproductive rights, and the right to die. She educated herself about vital issues and then took action as a donor to make her ideals reality.

As her niece Sera Morgan remembers, "Kathryn understood that working to secure our civil liberties takes time, heart, brains, persistence - and money."

Kathryn Friebe chose to direct a substantial portion of her inimitable force towards NCLR's mission of securing civil and human rights for all LGBT people and families. In memory and honor of her inspirational life and legacy, we have given her name to our Legacy Circle.

Testimonies of Friebe Legacy Circle Members
"My partner Amy and I have been major donors to NCLR for many years and I was honored to serve on the Board. NCLR has been instrumental in creating a world in which my family can thrive, which is a great gift to us. I will continue to support NCLR for the rest of my life. I also want to provide financial security and continuity to NCLR after I'm gone so they can continue their ground-breaking legal work on behalf of all LGBT people. I have left NCLR a bequest in my will, and I invite you to join me." 
        -- Angela Padilla

"I've worked for non-profits most of my life and never had much money left over for donations after the monthly bills. But I know I can make a difference to the groups I care about by including them in my will. That's what I've done with NCLR and I'm still amazed at how satisfying it feels." 
        -- Leslee Hamilton 

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if you have additional questions, or would like to discuss your gift with us, please contact:

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