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Elder Law Project FAQ

Help for Seniors and Service Providers

NCLR's Elder Law Project:

  • Empowers LGBT senior citizens (age 55+), their advocates, and their activists with free legal support and resources
  • Advocates for policies and legislation that protect and support LGBT elders
  • Trains local, regional, and national professionals in the aging services network on legal protections for LGBT elders through workshops and comprehensive materials
  • Increases the visibility of our older LGBT generation by collaborating on a national level with elder service providers
  • Establishes legal protections and access to critically needed health and social services, including retirement housing, long term care facilities, and elder abuse

Contact NCLR today if you are:

  • Closeted and/or afraid to ask for help
  • At-risk of elder abuse, domestic violence, emotional abuse, and/or financial abuse
  • Concerned for your safety in a retirement center, assisted living, or nursing home
  • Afraid of letting your health care provider know your sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Hospitalized and your partner has been denied visitation
  • Living alone and do not have a will/health care directive, and are in need of legal assistance
  • Being harassed or ostracized at a senior center
  • Isolated and would like to connect with other LGBT elders
  • Disabled and need in-home support services
  • In need of transportation and home-delivered meals
  • Low-income, age 55+, blind or disabled

Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing discrimination in my care facility. What do I do?

You deserve to live out your life as who you are, not in fear. If you are experiencing discrimination, there are resources available to you. Your peers might be the perpetrators and you are scared to tell your nurse. Or maybe your nurse is harassing or even abusing you because you are LGBT and you don’t know what to do.

NCLR is here to help. Please contact us or call 1.800.528.6257 today if you are in need of assistance, or need to talk to someone.


My partner passed away and we had few or no documents protecting our relationship. Now his/her estate is in jeopardy. What do I do?

Many LGBT seniors have been living with a partner for decades, but have not taken measures to protect their relationship on paper for any number of reasons. Upon the death of one partner, other family or even ex-spouses can swoop in and ignore you in what can be a messy battle for inheritance or property. You should contact NCLR today to take any possible measures necessary to protect your joint estate. Please contact us or call 1.800.528.6257.


My partner and I want to take care of the right paperwork to protect our relationship in the case of an emergency. What do I do?

For an extensive look at what you can do to protect your family and relationship, please read our Lifelines publication.


I want to address end-of-life issues, including healthcare and funeral arrangements. What do I do?

Our Lifelines publication offers guidance and information in addressing end-of-life issues, including tips on hiring an LGBT-friendly attorney.

Please contact Joyce Pierson if you have any questions or need help.


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